Website and user related questions

What up with that currency choice?  How does that work?
To make sure the Price Evolution Graphs would work, we had to covert all currencies to one. This means that the currency of each individual artwork is in your preferred currency too. Currencies are updated daily. So yes, historical prices can change on a daily basis too. You can change you preferred currency in your profile settings.

Information on one of your artwork/artist/publisher pages is completely wrong!
Undoubtedly! Please send us the direct link to the page and the correct/missing info by using the contact form. We’ll check it and edit the page if necessary. If you are/respresent an artist and the image is missing, please mail it to: [email protected] (230x230px only).

What prices are the Price evolution graphs based on?
These are purely based on prices added by users. And only the ones users let us use. We don’t add auction prices. Why? Because it’s simply too much work. Are we planning on adding this later? We sure are. As soon as we find a way to do this without having to enter prices all weekend long.

I’d like to document my entire collection, but I don’t want to share every artwork I own.
No problem. Under Profile>Settings you will find Portfolio Settings. You can choose what to share and what not.

I want to delete my account. Are my added artwork getting deleted too?
First of all…bummer! Shame you’re leaving. And, no. Added artwork won’t be deleted when you leave us.

Buying, selling and business opportunities

I am a Collector. Can I sell art I own on MyCollectionHub?
No. That is, not right now. We did think about it, but couldn’t find the right way to do it. And for us, the right way is the only way. But keep checking the site and social media for updates. 

I am an Artist. Can I sell my work in the MyCollectionHub Shop?
Yes. You can. But only when we think it compliments the content of the website. Get in touch by contacting us on [email protected].

I am a Gallery/Publisher. Can I sell our works in the MyCollectionHub Shop?
Yes. You can. But only when we think it compliments the content of the website. Get in touch by contacting us on [email protected].

I am a dealer in Art related products. Can I sell our products in the MyCollectionHub Shop?
Yes. You can. But only when we think it compliments the content of the website. Get in touch by contacting us on [email protected].

Can i use MyCollectionHub for advertisement?
Yes, you can. But it has to be Art-related. You can get in touch with use using the contact form. 

I want to start a website similar to yours, but for something completely different than art. Can we collaborate?
We sure can! MyCollectionHub wasn't created just for art. It's a hub for collectors, which means we're open to create sections for all sorts of collections. Shoot us a message for more info.

General shop and shipping questions

So what's up with the shop. Do you have everything in stock? Is there a store i can visit?
No, and we're going to be honest right away. We're dropshipping, which means that we order what you order (which isn't much differrent from what 'real' stores do btw:)). Yes, you can get some products cheaper at the source. So why sell like this? First of all, developing a website isn't cheap. Running it isn't either. And if we want to keep providing it for free, we must generate some income. In addition, we're trying to create a spot where you can find everything you need. Information about artwork, price evolution, releasedates and also products you need or might want. All in one space. Sure, we hope we can evolve to where we're able to sell from our own stock. But for now, this is it.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship both locally and to a selected group of countries, picked based on the cost of shipping. We try to keep free shipping as an option for orders over 50 euro*. If shipping is not available for your country, please contact us to discuss options.
Countries we ship to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, New Zealand.

*This does not apply for purchases on linked websites

When will i receive my order?
We process our customer orders within 1-3 business day after we receive them. We will forward the tracking number to you as soon as the product ships.
Here is an estimate of the shipping times.  Due to factors that often affect international shipments, such as holidays, customs, and weather delays, we can only offer an estimate of shipping times.


Estimated Shipping Time

The United States

10-20 business days

Canada, UK, Australia    

10-25 business days

Other Countries

15-40 business days

Where do you ship from?
Our products ship directly from our suppliers - mostly from Asia- to our customers.  The Online Depot has multiple suppliers around the world so, in some cases, you may receive multiple packages for your order. 

What if I need to modify my order?
If you would like to add items to your existing order, please place an additional order. We do not store your payment information, so we cannot change the order.

You can select your preferred payment method at checkout.

  • We accept secure payments for both local & international customers via Credit Cards, Debit Cards & PayPal. 
  • We also accept offline payments via check & direct bank deposit in various countries. 

International Taxes
Most of our products are being sent from Asia. All of our prices are taxes included. However(!), international import taxes may apply on your order, depending on your country's taxes policy.
Customs duty is calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods:
The percentage or rate varies depending on the type of goods. You can check the tariff applicable in the TARIC database for EU and Import calculator for USA.

The customs value is made up of:

  • the price paid for the goods,
  • the insurance cost,
  • the shipping cost.

My package never arrived, can i get my money back?
If  you have not received your package within 60 business days, we will issue you a full refund plus a credit for your next purchase.